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Alajuela Hotel

Costa Rica

All in all, Costa Rica is a nation that has a lot to offer to the world with its culture, ecology, geology, weather, and democracy. If you are looking for a great getaway spot for your next holiday, there are endless options of activities and locations for your Costa Rica vacations.

Known as "La Suiza Centroamericana", Costa Rica is an example of democracy, and liberty. Extremely rich in biodiversity, this is a country that has been characterized not only for its beauty but also for the kindness and sympathy of its people, the food, the folklore, and the love that its citizens have for its nature.

The visitor that comes to Costa Rica falls in love with it, making his or her future visits to the country more often or staying permanently in the country.
"Pura Vida" is now a global expression that differentiates the "tico" in any part of the world that he visits.

By visiting Costa Rica, one can learn that although it is a small country, it is a country with a high level of tourist and economic development but over all its main quality is the pace of the country. The provincies are: San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Puntarenas, Limón, Guanacaste

Alajuela Hotel

The hotel is Located 200 mts north, 25 mts east from Central Park, Alajuela.At only 5 minutes from the International Airport Juan Santamaria.

Alajuela Climate

Climate: Many associate Alajuela with the warm and sunny climate that characterizes the city of the same name and the various towns in the western end of the Central Valley that also belong to this large and populous province. However, the vast majority of the provincial territory lies on the other side of the volcanic cordilleras, extending north to the Nicaraguan border.

Alajuela History: Following the establishment of the city of Cartago in the latter part of the 16th century, the incipient population began expanding westward. By the beginning of the 18th century, the population of Heredia had grown such that it became a second base of expansion, again to the west.

To the Catholic colonists one drawback to founding new settlements was the inherent difficulty in attending mass when living far from the established towns. For this reason, in 1782, a new parish that included several small settlements scattered to the west of Heredia was formed in a site known as La Lajuela. Over time this place name evolved into Alajuela, which was also known as Villa Hermosa, "beautiful village."

Alajuela Province

9,753 km2
Population :
10¼, 27',46" north and 84¼, 48', 25" west
Borders: North:
Nicaragua; south: San José; South West: Puntarenas; West: Guanacaste

In Alajuela you'll find the most important International airport of Costa Rica called Juan Santamaría. In this province you'll find a great variety of birds, fruit trees, lowers, mountains, volcanoes, rivers and forests. Many of these treasures are guarded in different National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and Protected Areas. For instance the Poás Volcano National Park, with one of the most spectacular volacnoes hosts different habitats like the one for the beautiful bird called Quetzal.

Charlys Place Hotel provides the perfect central location for exploring volcanoes, tropical jungles and rain forest. It's close to La Garita de Alajuela in Costa Rica, this place was listed among three areas with the best climate on the planet; dry, with light breeze and a temperature between 64 and 77 Fahrenheit (18 to 25 C) all year round.

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